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A range of activities

COOL THINGS TO DO ON MEDJUMBE...  There is so much to do on the tiny Medjumbe Private Island yet no need to hurry or plan ahead. Stay on the island and play at the Resort in all its gracious charm. Or cruise by boat into the Quirimbas to another island just for the adventure of it. Water sports entertain energetic guests for hours…

CRUISE TO QUISSANGA ISLAND...  Uninhabited and remote, Quissanga Island becomes your picnic suite. No one to bug you -  only the birds, trees and warm ocean waters to enrich your bliss. Before you leave by boat, plan your picnic menu with your accommodating chef. Then sip good wine as you nibble, laying on a rug with views towards the horizon.

REST AND RELAXATION...  Dip in and out of the resort swimming pool, sunbathing and reading, sipping a cold drink or a cup of coffee. Grab a book or magazine in the loft lounge; play a board game or merely stare out to sea…Bird watchers can head inland a bit or to the tidal pools to find rare and varied Palaearctic migrants and waders.

TRANQUIL PADDLING AND CRUISING...  After a siesta, embark the island’s hand crafted dhow sailing boat and explore the ocean at sunset. Watch the whales in season– when these huge gentle giants arrive in July until October, they cavort and breed, making spectacular photographic opportunities. Set off on sedate self-guided marine activities in the safe waters such as good old-fashioned paddle boats for hours of fun. Or grab the chance to do nothing at all!

Water Sports in the Sun

Sail a Hobie cat into the blue nothingness or take a quiet paddle on a kayak into small island coves. Water sports at Medjumbe are plentiful and fun – try fast water skiing, knee boarding and tubing behind a boat. Stand up paddle board on flat waves or wait for the wind to kite surf.

Fabulous Fishing

Fishing pro’s will find fantastic shoals of pelagic fish on the outside reefs. The flats around the island offer world class fly-fishing, especially for Bone fish. Hop aboard the state of the art 31-foot Gulf Craft to get to the fishing grounds quickly. With the deep waters of the Mozambique Channel close by, expect world class fishing on the drop-offs from the reefs on Anantara Medjumbe's eastern flanks.

Diving Delights Galore

Scuba divers dive as deep as 50m to find healthy reefs and marine species. Do a course to refresh your dive experience or head out to explore some crazy dive sites nearby. A full-equipped Padi dive centre and experienced dive instructors make your diving experience at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa super exciting. Even the most experienced diver will be amazed at the enormous diversity of life under the sea here in the Quirimbas Archipelago.