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Dive Medjumbe Island

Exlore Medjumbes reefs

Some of the Finest Diving Worldwide

Your diving adventure at Anantara Medjumbe takes you out in the blue unknown. Jump on board the resort’s state of the art 31foot fibreglass Gulf-Craft for diving excursions - see some untouched coral reefs, Groupers, Sweetlips, Pufferfish, Angelfish, Napoleon Wrasse and Triggerfish. Watch Black and White tip reef sharks cruise the shallows and if you are lucky you may come across a Tiger or Bull shark on the deeper dives.

Huge Silver Champs

Look out for pelagic species on the fringes of the reefs around Medjumbe Private Island – Dogtooth and Yellowfin tuna, Barracudas and Kingfish. Try a PADI scuba diving course, an exciting introduction to barely explored dive sites. There are great drop-offs on the eastern flanks of the island into the Mozambique Channel. These dives are especially good for pelagic species and deep water resident reef fish.

Adventures Underwater

Dive down into Sambi Sambi’s large coral mount to find big hard coral formations, large schools of fish, the occasional turtle, small kingfish and Dogtooth tuna brought in by the incoming tide. Neptune’s Nursery is a large flat coral reef system made up of finger corals, large table corals and smaller macro marine life such a nudibranches and shrimps, or larger blue spotted stingrays and camouflaged crocodile fish.

Majestic Dolphins and Turtles

Encounter dolphins and look out for performing Humpback whales in good numbers in the winter months – July to September. Three species of turtles - Leatherback, Loggerhead and Green Turtles - are often seen on dives from Medjumbe. If you are really lucky you can see one of these majestic creatures coming onto the island to lay her eggs, or see the hatchlings scurrying towards the sea.

Some of the Best Dive Sites

  • Joe's Ridge (Fringing Reef 9m - 14m) 
  • Shallow Hal's (Fringing Reef 8m - 12m) 
  • Sita's Hollow (Coral Bank 10m - 15m) 
  • Dusky Pinnacle (Coral Bank 8m - 15m) 
  • Neptune's Nursery (Coral Bank 8m - 15m) 
  • Quarmby Reef (Coral Bank 16m Intermediate)

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